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How often do you wish that perfect freelancer would magically appear? The one who can write beautifully and edit precisely on a tight deadline. Someone who is easy to work with, personable, and capable of a variety of tasks. You know … the dream freelancer. Give her a job, tell her what needs to be done, and voilà! Fabulous resultsproduced with a smile. Now that’s service.

Welcome to the business world of Lisa Marshall. With more than 20 years of journalistic experience, my skills match a multiplicity of research and copy needs.

What’s more, I’m one of the rare few who can translate a flair for writing into a talent for speaking. More than a decade of public speaking, conference/workshop hosting, networking and public relations has left me with rich experience in the public arena … a person better able to represent you to your clients or customers.

And when you need a project managed or a workshop brought together, my abilities at organization and administration will serve you well.

Whether it’s on paper or in person, Lisa Marshall will make you look your best.

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" The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it."

Pearl S. Buck

Photos: Diane M. Miller